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21 - Sardaigne - part 1

30 Septembre 2009 , Rédigé par cyr Publié dans #J'irai dormir chez vous... ou presque

16 august 2009 – Olbia - La Madalenna


Temperature of the water : 29 °C at least, no wind,

Temperature of the air : 34 °C, ...


Philosophical discussion of the day : why is the taste of the pecorino everytime different...?

Political discussion of the day : How to break all protection of the environment laws in order to improve economy with tourism... Ask Silvio!!!!


17 august 2009 – La madalenna – near Castelsordo


Temperature of the water : 28 °C,

Temperature of the air : 36 °C


Philosophical discussion of the day : How to lie down on the beach for an optimal sunbath?

Political discussion of the day : How can we have at the same place, an submarine environmental  protected area and a nuclear military submarine basis?


18 august 2009 – Nuoro – Olgosoro - Tiana


Philosophical discussion of the day : Taking the example of tourists in italian capital Roma,and all consequences tourism has : fully restaurants, expensive services and entertainment activities, increase of waste, shit, traffic jam, pollution, etc...

What is the gain of the city about this? Is it profitable in economical issues? Is it normal that inhabitants are bothered by tourists, and don’t profit of the city... why can tourism not be avoid some days...?

Political discussions of the day :?

Situtation of sardinian terrorism. Can be terrorism considered as a right and way to defend culture, people, etc...


19 august 2009 – Tiana - Cagliari


Temperature of the water : 31 °C, cause current comes from africa... J as the courageous cap-sunglasses-beachtowel-beachgames sellers

Temperature of the air : 35 °C


Philosophical discussion of the day : can we make fun about religion?

Political discussion of the day : international and family diplomacy and how to deal with hosts, extrapolation to the Israel-Palestinia situation...


Jusque là, toujours pas de télé!!!

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